Turn Your Phone System into a Smart Revenue Engine

Instantly Leverage TotalCX Conversational AI to:

  • Drive Sales Conversations & Conversions
  • Calculate True Marketing Return on Investment
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction & Retention

Now, That’s Smart!

Tap Into Real-Time Conversational Data to Fuel Business Growth

Whether you run a small business, a professional contact center or any organization in between, conversations with customers drive day-to-day business.

But customer interactions also contain a wealth of actionable data that can fuel exponential growth.

For the first time, you can tap into this business intelligence instantly and economically with the TotalCX, Customer Experience Platform.

TotalCX is an AI-driven, cloud-based service that overlays your on-prem or cloud phone system with smart functionality:

  • Real-Time Conversation Analysis
  • Call Recording, Indexing & Transcription
  • Rich Dashboard & Analytics
  • Call Accountability & Compliance
  • More!

See TotalCX Real-Time Results in Action!


TotalCX is delivered “as a service,” so there are no upfront costs. Enjoy the benefits of TotalCX as an affordable pay-as-you-go subscription.


    See What TotalCX Can Do for Your Business

    TotalCX Drives Customer Retention & Revenue Growth

    TotalCX is the only customer experience platform that combines AI and automation technology to help businesses identify and respond to situations and opportunities in real-time.

    No More Missed Revenue Opportunities

    TotalCX multiplies the effectiveness of customer-facing teams. Whether voice or text, TotalCX call recording and real-time conversational AI technology captures and analyzes communications, automatically alerting stakeholders to accelerate decision-making that results in more sales and more satisfied customers.

    TotalCX Comes with Core CX Features

    The TotalCX Customer Experience Platform works with your existing on-premises or cloud-based phone system. It also works with any Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) or Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution.

    All affordable subscription plans include these core features:


    Inbound & Outbound Call Recording

    Record 100 percent of incoming and outbound calls for total accountability.


    Integrate any CRM for optimized lead tracking, call monitoring and conversion probability.

    Keyword & Key Phrase Extraction

    Automatically detect keywords and phrases in live conversations and convert them to text.


    Get email notifications that a keyword or phrase was detected in a completed customer call.

    Upgrade TotalCX with Add-On Solutions

    Call Summaries

    Understand what happened on a phone call at a glance with human written summaries about each call. 

    Real-time Transcription

    View transcripts of calls in progress with automatic keyword or phrase highlighting.

    Real-time Alerts

    SMS/Email alerts let you know instantly when a keyword or phrase has been detected.

    Call Center Seats

    Enable sales or service reps to field inbound and outbound calls as a team with call routing and more.

    Call Scoring

    Grade agent interactions with customers for assessment and call performance training.

    Mobile App

    Get unprecedented real-time tracking, recording, and transcription of mobile calls and texts.

    Call Performance Training

    Train your agents on technique – not call scripts – for lasting improvements in call performance.

    TotalCX Works for Businesses of All Sizes & Industries

    TotalCX has experienced award-winning success in the automotive industry and can benefit a range of organizations across industries, such as:


    Healthcare Providers


    Educational Institutions


    Political Groups


    Nonprofit Organizations


    Professional Services


    Financial Services


    Travel Agencies


    Hotels & Convention Centers


    Retail Stores


    Municipal Agencies


    Bars & Restaurants


    Telecom & Media


    Real Estate Agencies


    Automotive Dealerships


    Government Agencies

    Customize Your
    TotalCX Customer Experience Platform

    START with Your Existing Phone System


    TotalCX Cloud

    Get all TotalCX core features via API to your existing cloud PBX, UCaaS or CCaaS system.


    TotalCX OnPrem

    Get all TotalCX core features via API to your existing on-premises PBX system.

    Core Functionality

    • CRM Integration
    • Keyword & Key Phrase Extraction
    • Post-Call Alerts
    • Inbound & Outbound Call Recording



    • Call Summaries
    • Call Scoring


    • Call Summaries
    • Call Scoring
    • Real-time Transcription
    • Real-time Alerts



    Call Summaries


    Call Scoring


    Real-Time Transcription


    Real-time Alerts


    Mobile App


    Call Center Seats


    Ready to Customize Your TotalCX Customer Experience?

    The TotalCX Partner Program is a Win-Win!

    The TotalCX Customer Experience Platform positions you to help your business customers to drive and retain revenue.

    Give your customers the keys to a proven revenue growth engine and experience these rewards:

    • Earn satisfied customers and improve retention and MRR
    • Sell more complementary services to satisfied customers
    • Get referrals from customers-turned-advocates

    Plus, TotalCX is an add-on solution that offers these key advantages for you and your clients:


    PBX Agnostic

    It works well over any existing on-premises phone system, cloud PBX, UCaaS or CCaaS Solution.


    No Rip & Replace

    There’s no need to swap out an existing communications solution that you sold them previously or they’re not ready to part with.


    No Contract Conflicts

    You don’t have to wait until the customer’s hosted phone service contract is in renewal to make the sale.


    Immediate Value

    Your customers can benefit from TotalCX’s superior functionality right away.

    See What TotalCX Can Do for Your Customers

    Partner with TotalCX

    We deliver the TotalCX Customer Experience Platform with partners in two go-to-market models.

    White-label Partner Program

    White-label providers can deliver and bill the TotalCX Customer Experience Platform under their own brand along with other communications, network or IT solutions.

    The White-label Program is perfect for service providers – carriers, cloud communications providers, MSPs and VARs — that offer on-premises or cloud phone systems or simply prefer to own the customers and control margins.

    Agent Partner Program

    Through partnerships with leading technology services brokerages (TSBs), partners can sell TotalCX to new and existing customers as an add-on solution.

    The Agent Partner Program is ideal for telecom and cloud communications sales agents or MSPs and VARs that prefer to offer services through a commissioned sales model. Agents earn competitive monthly recurring commissions.


    Get Ready to Win with TotalCX

    TotalCX Resources

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