“To know your customer is to know their experience.”

    AI observation of all customer interactions

    Summaries provided for all calls*

    Calls organized by intent (looking to buy, requesting service, etc)

    Immediate notification of missed opportunities

    All leads tracked to outcome


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    What is TotalCX?

    Think, Observe, Teach, Assess, and Listen. TOTAL encompasses our philosophy on how to provide an excellent customer experience.
    Think about the customer and what they want. What are their needs? How can you make their experience better?
    Observe the customer’s interactions with your company. These interactions help you to understand the customer experience and identify areas of improvement. 
    Teach employees key ways to provide an excellent customer experience, including the use of automation and AI technology and soft skills such as active listening and empathy.
    Assess the quality of the customer experience regularly, including the performance of employees and departments.
    Listen to the customer’s suggestions and complaints. This feedback loop helps to identify areas that need further improvement.
    TotalCX is a comprehensive approach to customer experience management that combines automation, AI technology, ongoing training, real-time assessments, and staff augmentation. By following these steps, companies can ensure that they are providing an excellent customer experience at all times.

    See What TotalCX Can Do for Your Business

    Personalized training regimen customized per individual with a focus on improving CX skill sets.

    Employee CX Scores and Leaderboards

    Bring your own Call Tracking Provider

    While TotalCX works best with InteractiveTel, we support all call tracking providers, including CarWars, CallRevu, and others.