About Konect.ai

Konect.ai is an artificial intelligence software focused on human-like, SMS-based conversations that effectively drive lead generation and improve dealer workflows. It is now located in Houston, TX, but originated in Vancouver, Canada. It is a platform that combines ML and NLP to raise engagement, drive productive conversations, and encourage customer loyalty. Konect.ai also supports other automotive platforms with ML and NLP to manage chats and enhance engagement.


Case Study: Elgin

How Elgin Chrysler Tried Konect.ai and Closed 26 Deals in 1.5 Months. Click here to download. 

Elead One Sheeter

We know that your Elead CRM empowers your business with professional marketing strategies that drive customer engagement and improves your dealership’s workflow. Click here to download. 

VinSolutions One Sheeter

We know that VinSolutions CRM is an extremely useful tool for your business that improves your dealers ́ workflow, increases your company efficiency, and strongly strengthens your customer relationships. Click here to download. 

DealerSocket One Sheeter

Our konect.ai team knows that DealerSocket CRM offers marketing and sales solutions and improved customer interactions. Click here to download. 

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